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By: Portia Monique Smith


You'll never be ready, ooh
Ready for my love, nah
I don't have time to be wishing
On the stars above, nah

Oh, you keep on telling me things will change
All this time has past and you remain the same
Boy, please, bye. Yeah

I was right here for you when times got rough
draining all my energy, I’ve had enough
Walk, on by, yeah, ooh


You'll never be ready, ready (3x)


You never gave a damn, bout
How I felt inside, nah
Loves about, give and take, oh
Why would you run and hide, why

Oh, you're out of luck, and your time is up
Playin’ with my heart, and I've had enough
Boy, please, bye. bye

Found someone who treat me just as I deserve, trying to return, oh no you have the nerve. Walk on by, go walk on by


You'll never be ready, ready (3x)
(said you’d be there, you were never there)